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So here's what's going on: Ardeem is not doing a lot at the moment because I'm working on a new band, The Juice. It's a sort-of reggae fusion-y sort of band and I think you'll like it.

We've recorded an EP's worth of material – it's coming soon! For now, the best thing to do is to get on The Juice's dynamic new mailing list, JuiceMail™ – I'll send you some behind-the-scenes footage, a new track (called Fat on Purpose) and some live recordings to get you up to speed. 

Such excite!

Love from Jacob

One day, Ardeem was thinking about Mario

Or, more specifically, wondering about why Mario always feels the need to save the princess?

Ardeem decided that it was because Mario was trying to make himself feel better. So he wrote a song about it. It has nothing to do with his past relationships. Nothing at all.

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You'll like it.

It has Nintendo noises. 


Have a listen:

If you so prefer, you can also get it on iTunes. Isn't that exciting?

I hope you like it.